Our Philosophy
Everyone has a personal style and that style is reflected in what you wear every day.  However, not everyone has the time or knowledge to make the most of what their clothes are saying about them. 

We believe fashion is for everyone and we are dedicated to making great style accessible.  Regardless of your age, gender, income, or body type you have the potential to look and feel great in your clothes every day and we can help! 

"I have nothing to wear!" Nearly every woman (and man!) has said or thought this at least once in their lives.  Whether it was when they found themselves getting ready for a big event or just getting ready for a new day, they have been confronted with a fashion quandary.  

Our Mission
To assist you in defining or refining your personal style through your wardrobe, so you can confidently dress for a Big Day or a Monday in clothes that are comfortable, fit well, and present the best possible YOU.  Our goal is to help you so that you will always have Something to Wear.

Our Approach

This is personal - it all starts with YOU.  Your life style and budget, what you love to wear, what you feel great in, and what fits you best.  Then we ask: what would you like to improve?  Do you just need a little tweak to your existing look or do you want a makeover?  Do you want a complete set of rules to dress by or do you just want a little coaching on specific areas?   

Based on your needs we can define your style - which pieces, colors, cuts and accessories really suit you and reflect who you are as a person.  Rather than giving you a set of cookie-cutter must-have pieces or a set of one-size-fits-all fashion rules, we look at what is relevant for your body, your life and the personal style you want to project.  We can sift through the masses of fashion information out there to find what really works for you.
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