Our services have been developed to be used individually or in combination to meet your personal fashion needs.  Contact us for pricing and to schedule an appointment.

It All Starts With A Personal Fashion Assessment
You will first meet with a consultant where we will discuss your life style, fashion objectives and, using a questionnaire, we will begin to define what your style is and what you want it to be.  We will also identify any specific challenges you have in terms of clothing fit and life style need.   No one's personal style can be defined in an hour so you will then get to take the questionnaire away for a little homework and make those all-important measurements.   

Once the questionnaire is complete and returned to your consultant we will prepare a personalized style report identifying the colors, cuts, pieces, accessories and details that will make up your individual look.  Then, a second meeting will be arranged where we will go over your personalized report and we can answer questions.  As an added bonus, you will also get shopping and planning tools to help you keep and evolve your personal style. 

Closet Review
Are you ready to take defining your personal style to the next level?   Once you have completed a style assessment, we will come to you and look at your wardrobe with a fresh view.  We can clear out the wardrobe "traitors" that don't fit you or your lifestyle, focus in on what works and find partners for all of those outfit orphans we all have lurking in our closets - those great pieces that have never found their way into outfits you wear.  Once a closet review is complete you will have a complete new view of what you have and what you need, and new ideas to make what you already own really work for you.  

Look Book
Need a way to remember your new ideas once a closet review is done?  We can create a personal "Look Book" of key pieces and outfits so you always have outfit ideas at hand.
Wardrobe Planning
Do you have a special event coming up,  a big trip to plan for, or do you just want to refresh your wardrobe for a new season?  We can help.  Using your personalized style report and either your Look Book from a closet review or your own wardrobe inventory we can work with you to plan the outfit(s) you will need.

Personal Shopping
Do you simply hate to shop?  Or do you just want that all-important objective view?  Call us!  We can schedule shopping excursions on an hourly basis to shop with you individually or we can organize a "shopping party" to find clothes for you and your friends!    Based on your shopping objectives we will plan the excursion, target stores and pre-shop where possible to get the most out of our time together.

Personal Stylist On Call
Do you need someone for fashion emergencies?  We can establish an individualized plan for services on retainer. 
Give the Gift of Personal Style
Gift Certificates are available for dollar amounts that can be applied to any of our services.   We can create a custom gift package or select from one our packages - all make terrific gifts for someone special …or even as a  gift for yourself!  

"A Fresh Start" - perfect for the new college grad getting ready for his or her first "real" job - we will do a specially tailored fashion assessment, a one-hour closet consultation, create a plan for an appropriate and versatile working wardrobe, and take a two-hour shopping excursion to put that plan into action. 

"The Works" - a full fashion intervention - this package includes the Personal Fashion Assessment, a Closet Review, a Look Book and four hours of personal shopping to fill in those missing pieces. 

"The Touch Up" - designed for existing clients, this package includes a refresh to your existing My Look assessment and Look Book, an updated shopping list and two hours of personal shopping to fill in those missing pieces.   Great for your fall or spring wardrobe update!
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